Consult a specialist from QE experienced sales team and they will recommend a solution for your specific application. Layout drawings and technical specifications may be provided on request.

Installation, commissioning & training On request, skilled technicians are available to assist with on site installation, commissioning & training. This will enable customers to optimise the performance of their new plant. Training is available either on site during installation or alternatively, customers are welcome to visit QE Ningbo or our local branches for training. Customers will be briefed on all aspects relating to operation and maintenance by a QE technician.

Dimensional drawings together with service requirements will be provided prior to delivery of the equipment. This will allow the customer to prepare the site and allow them to commence production in a timely fashion. Consult your QE representative to schedule on site work.

Spare parts QE holds a huge inventory of spare parts and their efficient service personnel will ensure that any required part will be despatched without delay. Shipping of the spare parts may be by air, sea or courier depending on the urgency of the situation. Customers are encouraged to hold their own critical spare parts such as granulator blades and screens to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.

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