About QE

The name QE comes from  Mr. Bruce,USA, And Mr. Eduardo, a principal in an investment corporation . Mr.Bruce and Mr.Eduardo were instrumental in selecting a name for our company.QE, Quiet Efficient, a name that designates our commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer support.

At QE ourprimary focus is the innovation, design, and production of granulators, shredders and recycle machine line to facilitate recycling for the plastic industry. Utilizing technologically advanced systems, vast manufacturing experience, and strict adherence to product quality guidelines, QE is an industry leader in the production of reliable, cutting edge machinery for the purpose of recycling plastic manufacturing materials.

Our past and future collaboration with relevant scientific and research units, as well as universities and industry related institutions, provides us with numerous avenues of expertise to develop the most advanced, efficient, and reliable equipment for and ever expanding market.

Currently, QE has an expansive , stable and long time trade relationships with over 500 customers in more than 100 countries and regions, QE have overseas sales office and service center available, Large goods warehouse in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We firmly believe that QE is strategically structured to be a world renowned developer of high quality, extremely efficient granulators, shredders and recycle machinery that will address, innovate and facilitate global economic needs for the plastic industry.

It is our commitment at QE to always maintain the highest esteem of our customers and to consistently provide quality products and service for our partners' industrial needs.

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